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NPR Rs.7,000

Dhulikhel Lodge Resort


Colors change with the seasons: deep, luscious dark greens after the monsoon, turning green-golden as the harvests ripen and then bright greens of new growth against dark red earth. Trees of…

NPR Rs.13,500

Dhulikhel Mountain Resort


Offering a perfect blend of luxury and comfort, Dhulikhel Mountain Resort presents unparalleled luxury with a touch of tradition. Dhulikhel Mountain Resort  is about escaping the everyday…

NPR Rs.3,500

Hotel Magnolia


The Magnolia Hotel Pokhara is jointly owned by the unlikely combination of a Hong Kong restaurateur and a Welsh electrochemist. The paths of fate which led to our partnership is a tale worth…

NPR Rs.2,500

Alpine Hotel & Apartment


ALPINE HOTEL & APARTMENT provides you with luxurious, tranquil and cosy second home in Kathmandu. It is geographically situated in a picturesque town Thamel, a convenience hub for tourist.…

NPR Rs.2,500

Hotel Manaki International


The closest thing Janakpur has to an ‘upmarket’ hotel, the Manaki International has cavernous rooms with all mod cons, and more modest standard rooms. However, standards here have…

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