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NPR Rs.3,499

For A Cause - Sanitary…


The Direction tends to organize a two day & one night camping for a cause: "Sanitary Pad Distribution & Menstrual Hygiene" at Sukute Beach Camp Equator Expeditions this 21st…

NPR Rs.2,750

Everest Panorama Resort


Everest Panorama Resort is the most luxurious resort in Daman which provides you 180 degree panoramic view of the world's top eight highest mountains.   Cost Includes Accommodation…

NPR Rs.2,500

Hotel at the End of…


A warm welcome awaits you at "Hotel at the End of the Universe" combining breathtaking surroundings and legendary personalized service. Our hotel is a classic in its own right, known…

NPR Rs.2,500

Balthali Village Resort


Just beyond Panauti town and Khopasi (40 KM southeast from Kathmandu) lies one of the rich cultural and natural destination of Balthali, where upon sits on top of a hill – Balthali Village…

NPR Rs.2,500

Green Valley Resort


This beautiful two story spacious, and cosy Presidential Suite Room offers one master bedroom on the ground floor and extra bed room with small novel library on the upper floor. This traditionally…

NPR Rs.2,850

Chhaimale Resort


Chhaimaile Resort is located in Chhaimale, Dakshinkaali, just 22 kilometers away from Kathmandu. Located in a peaceful environmental, we deliver a natural environment with quality services, comfortable…

NPR Rs.3,000

Adhyay Retreat Resort


TISTUNG is a great location between Chitlang / Kulekhani and Daman, only 2.5hrs drive (65KMs) form Kathmandu. Adhyay Retreat Resort is located in the beautiful valley of Tistung. It is a peaceful…

NPR Rs.3,500

Sukute Beach with Rafting


Sukute Beach is not a luxurious it is a outdoor adventure camp.We have fix tents and small tents for the accommodation. For the group we give tents on sharing basis. One big safari tent 5 people…

NPR Rs.2,450

River Runner Rafting


Nepal River Runner is a member of Nepal Association of Rafting Agencies and all of our guides have rafting guide license issued by the Nepalese government. Our guides also hold rafting certifications…

NPR Rs.3,000

River Bay With Rafting


The River Bay Rafting & Resort in Nepal is within two-hour drive of just 70 km from Kathmandu overlooking the Bhotekoshi River also known as Sunkoshi River. This adventurous & tented…

NPR Rs.2,000

River Bay Resort


The River Bay Rafting & Resort in Nepal is within two-hour drive of just 70 km from Kathmandu overlooking the Bhotekoshi River also known as Sunkoshi River. This adventurous & tented…

NPR Rs.39,500

Muktinath Darshan Tour…


Muktinath is the most famous temple as well as important pilgrimage site for both Buddhist and Hindu. There is white painted wall complex, as entrance gate is Tibetan style linked by prayer…

NPR Rs.6,500

Paragliding in Kathmandu


The Company provides the opportunity for solo and tandem flights as well as training sessions for the young and fresh pilots. The company is run by creative and motivated bosses, staffs and…

NPR Rs.1,600

River Fun Beach Resort


The River Fun Beach Resort flourishes just by then bank of the Trishuli River valley with beautiful green hills surrounding it. the resort stands at Kurnighat (99 km or 3 hours bus ride), midpoint…

NPR Rs.6,500

Pokhara Tour


Pokhara is situated at an elevation of 915m above sea level and 200m west of Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal. The rich ness of valley in pure natural beauty is indeed one of the main attractions…

NPR Rs.11,500

Poonhill Trekking


Ghorepani-poonhill trekking is the most popular trekking circuit which is known as small Annapurna trekking circuit and one of the best spot on the earth from where you can see and enjoy the…

NPR Rs.21,000

Khaptad National Park…


The Khaptad National Park is one of the non-touristic national parks in Nepal that is visited by very few numbers of tourists. The area of the park is 225 square km. The Khaptad National Park,…

NPR Rs.700

Chandragiri Cable Car


Chandragiri Hill, seven kilometres from Thankot, lies on the South-West of Kathmandu Valley and is 2551 metres from sea level. Soaring peaks and breath taking views of whole Kathmandu Valley…

NPR Rs.2,300

Bhotechaur Tea Garden


Sano Illam is in Bhotechaur Sindhupalchowk district, which is place for those who want to experience the tea garden like tea garden of Illam. Because of the sano illam the face of the bhotechaur…

NPR Rs.3,000

Indreni Mushroom Resort


Indreni Mushroom Resort has been established where people who want to spend awesome time with cool and moisture environment with more than 80 mushroom items.  IMR always tries to provide…

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